Zvi stream two-track 7″ single

Band: Zvi
Song: “Dear Pink” & “Undenied” (Portishead cover)
Album: Dear Pink/Undenied
Release Date: February 22nd, 2019
Label: Nefarious Industries

Streaming exclusively via PopMatters.

Mastermind Ron Varod said of the single:

“In the summer of 2015 I wrote the guitar at my old Brooklyn rehearsal space and hummed wordless melody into my phone that came to me on my walk back home and didn’t touch it for a long time. Everything from that one session stuck in my head over the course of the next year or so of touring. It became somewhat of a jump off point for when I got home and buckled down and started putting together this record. I performed all the vocals, guitar, synth and did all the drum programming but this track also features Randall Dunn on Buchla as well as Kayo Dot bandmate Toby Driver on bass guitar. The Portishead cover on the B-Side was something I had opened a lot of my shows with while touring my last record and decided to do a home recording of just to document it.”


Dear Pink/Undenied 7″ track listing:

  1. “Dear Pink”
  2. “Undenied” (Portishead cover)