ZUD and Gridfailure mini-tour announced

Black ‘n’ rollers ZUD and ambient outfit Gridfailure will embark on the Springtime In The Abyss Pt. 2 tour beginning in May. ZUD founder Justin Curtsinger said of the run:

“We don’t play live very often so it is always a treat for us to be able to go out and do this stuff. As much as I tend to ignore most of what goes on out in the ‘black metal world’ for lack of better words, a lot of it often gets dumped right in my lap, and in seeing what I see, it is actually kind of refreshing to be reminded that we as a band have very little to do with this excuse of a scene and what it has become. A lot of people are often surprised to hear that not only are we generally not interested in whatever some contemporary black metal band is up to (rare exceptions being friends’ bands and whatnot), but more often than not none of us even know about any of it in the first place. Sure, there will probably always be a little bit of Bathory here and some Necrovore there throughout ZUD, but that’s about it. Most of what goes into ZUD otherwise usually has very little to do with black metal, or even metal in general. It’ll sound cheesy, but most of the ‘blackened/metallic’ elements people are hearing simply comes from within. For those who are sick of the same old rat-race shit-show and are within reach of any of these dates, we hope to see you there.”

5/01 – Manchester, NH | The Bungalow Bar & Grill
5/02 – Kingston, NY | Tubby’s
5/03 – Harrisburg, PA | J.B. Lovedraft’s Micropub
5/04 – Washington, DC | Atlas Brew Works