Zao streaming new song “Observed/Observer”


Zao have debuted a new track titled “Observed/Observer”. Vocalist Dan Weyandt comments:

“It is about our personal role in the material universe. We are the culmination of all that exists observing and experiencing itself, while at the same time our behaviors and actions are being observed and experienced. Oneness and nothingness existing at the same time.”

Drummer Jeff Gretz adds:

“This is probably the first time the band has made a record where there was no ‘end-game.’ We just kept building up songs until we had a batch that we felt worked together as an album. Nobody was watching us or pushing a deadline. By the time we got to that point, we realized the hard part of funding and making the actual recording was already done. It just made sense to put it out ourselves. The whole thing could implode at any minute, but that seems to be the way the band does it’s best work, hanging on for dear life.”

The song is taken from the group’s anticipated new record The Well-Intentioned Virus – their first since 2009. The effort is slated for release on December 9th through their own label, Observed/Observer Recordings. Pre-orders are now live and available for purchase here.


[via Revolver]