Youth Killed It announce sophomore album What’s So Great, Britain?, stream new single “Great British Summer”

Official press release:

Indie punk crew Youth Killed It is pleased to announce that their sophomore album, entitled What’s So Great, Britain?, will see release via Rude Records on October 5th. Lead vocalist and guitarist Jack Murphy reveals of the forthcomer:

“Everything I’ve experienced over the last 14 months led to the creation of this record. Things that affect and impact the life of someone in their 20’s – from society to relationships. It’s been a mad 18 months for Britain and my personal life in general, so I really put my heart on my sleeve with this one.”

As a prime example of what to expect, the quintet recently premiered new single “Great British Summer” on Kerrang! Radio. Now available to stream here, Murphy explains:

“It’s about the fact that everyone is so miserable in the winter when it’s raining and cold – like my next door neighbour who constantly moans about everything when he’s not outside watering his flowers. We’re pretty sure that like 99% of Britain suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and we pine for a bit of sun to cheer us all up. Don’t worry you’re not alone and that’s why we wanted to write this song.”

The record is available to pre-order here, featuring instant grats of the new single plus the two recently unveiled: lead single “Where Did I Go Wrong?” and title track “What’s So Great, Britain?” – both embedded below.

For What’s So Great, Britain?, the Norwich crew initially began working with a production team before abandoning this to self-record at Crystal Sound Studios, with Murphy explaining:

“Our sound just wasn’t where we wanted it to be, so Carlos and I produced it. It gave us more time and fewer restrictions. It really is from start to finish a band job: no extra writers, no producers, just us.”

Capturing a raw and impassioned sound comparable to the likes of The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, and Blur, they return with more nostalgic 90’s riffs, stream-of-consciousness vocal deliveries, and charming hooks. Murphy declares:

“Our sound has developed and matured into something I’m seriously proud of. I hope it resonates the way I want it to, as me and the boys put everything into it and as much as I love the last one, this one really is close to my heart.”

In support of the album’s release in October, Youth Killed It will be hitting the road for a UK headliner, saying:

“It’s been ages since we have toured as we have been spending our time writing and producing the album. We are so happy to play a run of shows again and bring everyone a brand new set! We have spent a long time making these songs come to life, so bring your dad dance and be in full voice for the ‘daddiest’ jams around.”

What’s So Great, Britain? track listing:

1. “What’s So Great, Britain?”
2. “Headbutt”
3. “Where Did I Go Wrong?”
4. “Great British Summer”
5. “The Getaway”
6. “0121”
7. “What You’re Thinking”
8. “Already Dead”
9. “No Money, No Monday”
10. “Peaceful House”
11. “This Sounds Cliché”
12. “On My Own”

Tour dates:

10/06 – Manchester, UK | Aatma
10/07 – Norwich, UK | Epic
10/09 – Birmingham, UK | Subside
10/10 – Bristol, UK | Hy-Brasil Music Club
10/12 – London, UK | Notting Hill Arts Centre

Youth Killed It is:

Jack Murphy – vocals/guitar
Carlos Montero – guitar
Ben Ford – drums
Josh Taylor – guitar
Josh Thexton – bass