XII Boar debut new track “The Hustle”

XII Boar have unveiled a brand new track off their upcoming album Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops. Titled “The Hustle”, you can check it out above via Terrorizer. Vocalist/guitarist Tommy Bossom said of it:

“As my old Grandma used to to say, ‘You can’t beat a solid fuckin banger of a rock song.’ ‘The Hustle’ is no exception. You see, as a band, we have always loved catchy hooks, killer grooves and solid rhythms. We wanted to write a tune that encapsulated our love for blues, had new and interesting song ideas and still had that good old XII Boar crunch. It combines all the things we as music fans love in a song and sees some new and interesting flavours coming into our sound. If you dig shaking your fat ass like no one’s looking, then crank the shit out of this tune!”

Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops is scheduled to hit stores on August 12th, but you can pre-order it today at this location.