Wovenwar premiere new song “World On Fire”


Wovenwar have released an audio stream of a new song titled “World On Fire”. The outfit’s sophomore full-length, Honor Is Dead, is scheduled to arrive next Friday, October 21st through Metal Blade Records. Pre-orders can be found by visiting MetalBlade.com/Wovenwar.

The group have also revealed that they plan to continue as a quartet, following the departure of guitarist Phil Sgrosso. A couple of weeks ago Sgrosso issued a statement regarding his decision to part ways with the band in order to focus on other projects, which includes his most recent group Poison Headache. He said:

“As some of you may have heard by now, I have decided to part ways with Wovenwar. Without getting into too many specifics, I have found myself more interested in pursuing other musical endeavors right now than devoting myself to the band.

Regarding the new album, I was fully involved with the writing and recording process just like any other album, as well as handling a larger portion of the producer duties and guitar engineering. I am proud to have this album as part of my discography and thankful to have had this time to push myself and explore new musical territory. I wish the band the best as they move on.

The rest of my year will be spent writing for several different projects as well as taking Poison Headache over to Europe for the first time with Ringworm and Hierophant in Nov/Dec. Thanks to the fans for their support over the years—looking forward to seeing you out on the road soon.”

More recently, drummer Jordan Mancino commented on Sgrosso exiting the group, he said:

“We just wanted to go in different directions, in terms of touring commitments. It was something that we talked about like adults and understood each other’s perspectives. Right now, because he was still a big part of the creative process making Honor Is Dead—and we’ve yet to tour—it feels like business as usual, but we’ll see how his absence affects things as we move forward.”

Regarding the decision to continue as a four-piece, he offered:

“No, we actually want to handle it with just the four of us. Nick [Hipa] has got guitar duties down and Shane happens to be a great guitar player too, which puts us in a very good position. Once we decided to move forward that way and see how that goes, we felt good about it, and the four of us are just excited to get to play the new songs.”

[via Alternative Press]