Wormwitch stream new song “Dancing In The Ashes”

Band: Wormwitch
Song: “Dancing In The Ashes”
Album: Heaven That Dwells Within
Release Date: April 5th, 2019
Label: Prosthetic Records

The band commented:

‘Dancing In The Ashes’, like most of the songs on the record, is in reference to a secret mythology. It touches on themes of mourning and perseverance in the wake of a great tragedy. It is the romantic journey towards healing, or acceptance of one’s own ultimate death; but in some respects is also the simple story of a god who’s mortality has just been revealed to him, tearing across the cosmos on a quest for the soul of his lover among the ruins of a heaven brutalized by war.”


Heaven That Dwells Within track listing:

  1. “Disciple Of The Serpent Star”
  2. “Vernal Womb”
  3. “Two Wolves”
  4. “Spirit Braid”
  5. “Benighted Blade”
  6. “Midnight Sun”
  7. “Dancing In The Ashes”
  8. “Lord Of Chains”
  9. “Iron Woman”
  10. “Alone Before The Doors Of The Silent House”
[via Brooklyn Vegan]