Wormrot stream new record, Voices, in its entirety

Wormrot’s new studio effort, Voices, is streaming in its entirety and can be heard below courtesy of Noisey. The record is out now through Earache Records and is available for purchase on physical formats here (U.S.) and here (EU), and digitally on iTunes.

Voices track listing:

1. “Blockhead Fuck Off”
2. “Hollow Roots”
3. “Exit Fear”
4. “God’s In His Heaven”
5. “Oblivious Mess”
6. “Descending Into The Unknown”
7. “Dead Wrong”
8. “Fallen Into Disuse”
9. “The 1st World Syndrome”
10. “Shallow Standards”
11. “Fake Moral Machine”
12. “Forced Siege”
13. “Take Aim”
14. “Still Irrelevant”
15. “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Grind”
16. “Compassion Is Dead”
17. “Buried The Sun”
18. “Defaced”
19. “The Face Of Disgrace”
20. “Outworn”

Wormrot 1