Wolves At The Gate premiere new track “War In The Time Of Peace”

Wolves At The Gate are streaming another new track from their upcoming studio effort Types & Shadows, titled “War In The Time Of Peace”. Guitarist/vocalist Steve Cobucci said of it:

‘War In The Time Of Peace’ is a parabolic retelling of the misguided fight to find worth, comfort, and satisfaction in who you are and what you do. The story follows a soldier who, after being told by his captain the war is over, sneaks from the barracks to fight.

In his fury and confusion, he gets caught in an old snare from the war. The Captain comes and finds him, bearing the marks that won the war, and loosens the soldier from the trap.

Many people believe that being a Christian is doing things to make God happy with you, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that there is nothing anyone could do to please God, but He has done something for sinners that settles our problem of sin.

This is why Jesus died as a sacrifice for sinners who come to Him in faith. The beauty of it all is in resting in God’s work for sinners. With passionate vocals taht meet harmonic verse, the track showcases Wolves At The Gate‘s ability to utilize both scream and sonnet.”

The record is scheduled to drop November 4th via Solid State Records. Visit MerchNOW and iTunes for pre-orders.

[via New Noise Magazine]