Windrunner sign with Famined Records; debut new single “Rose”

Hanoi, Vietnam metal outfit Windrunner has signed with Famined Records. The group will be releasing their debut full-length MAI on November 30th, 2018. The group have also released a music video for the effort’s maiden single, “Rose”. The group said of the track:

“Rose is about how sometimes we are too afraid to chase our dreams, whether it be in love, work or life, and then we are left in denial of reality, stuck on how our life could have been. The video captures a dream that both of the characters are having – showing what they could have had, dwelling on past memories. Through this song, we hope to spread the message that it is important to live in the present instead of the past, to look to the future even when you feel you haven’t taken chances, to move on and to let go of the anchors of ‘what if?”

MAI is available for pre-order now on physical and digital formats at this location.

MAI track listing:

1. “Mulan”
2. “Oleander”
3. “Sakura”
(feat. Sang Yul Son)
4. “Marigold”
5. “Orchid”
(feat. Yuto Hirabayashi)
6. “Dahlia”
7. “MAI”
8. “Cedar”
9. “Rose”
10. “Narcissus”
11. “Lotus”