William Ryan Key to release sophomore EP, Virtue in November, debuts “The Bowery”

Photo by: Acacia Evans

Following the spring release of his debut solo EP Thirteen, former Yellowcard frontman William Ryan Key is ready to release his second solo outing. Titled Virtue, the new EP is due in stores on November 30th via The Lone Tree Recordings. “The Bowery”, the first single off the effort, is now streaming and can be heard below. Key commented:

“I’ve always had a strong affinity for New York City. Ever since my first visit in 1999, I’ve felt drawn to it in some way.

I’ve spent a good amount of time there this year, and it really had a major influence on the lyrical themes that make up the EP. ‘The Bowery’ is not just a song that reflects my love of the city; it’s also the first song to open the door to what comes next for me sonically.”

Speaking of the EP, he continues:

“With Virtue I wanted to explore and expand on the sound I’ve discovered both musically and lyrically. Similar to my first release, all of the songs came together in such a spontaneous manner. The recording sessions were very much driven by capturing what felt right in the moment, and moving on to the next idea.

I’ve learned that when attempting to develop your own sound, it’s important to remove overthinking and over analyzing from the equation. I’m really proud of these songs, and I can’t wait for people to hear them.”

Virtue EP is available for pre-order now on physical and digital formats at Shop.WilliamRyanKey.com.

Virtue EP track listing:

1. “The Same Destination”
2. “Mortar And Stone”
3. “The Bowery”
4. “Virtue”
5. “Downtown (Up North)”
6. “No More, No Less”