Welcome To Rockville coverage: photo gallery featuring World Gone, Like A Storm, Red Sun Rising, Sangre, Stars In Stereo, & Sons Of Texas

Welcome To Rockville

A couple of weeks ago was the 5th annual Welcome To Rockville festival. I was privileged to cover the event and here is the first in a series of posts related to the event. This gallery features the first half of day one of the festival, which took place on Saturday, April 25th. The day started out sunny with fans eager to cross the gates for a day full of great music and other on-site activities that included an exhibit by graffiti artist RISK (who I was fortunate to speak with, the interview will be coming soon), The Crazy Dave’s Music Experience, and The Jack Daniel’s Experience mobile museum.

While the event was rain or shine, exceptionally heavy rains and a tornado warning ceased operations just minutes prior to Upon A Burning Body’s set. This resulted in several bands not performing. While this was a bit of a disappointment, it was for the safety of festival patrons and performers alike.

This gallery covers the first half of the festival before the storm temporarily interrupted the show:

World Gone

Like A Storm

Red Sun Rising


Stars In Stereo

Sons Of Texas

There are still many more pictures and some interviews to come. It’s just taking a bit longer than expected because there are tons of pictures. Trust me though, it will all be up soon.

[All photos by Josh Doe Visuals]