Wake The Dead to release new album Under The Mask in May via Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Wake The Dead 2

French melodic hardcore outfit Wake The Dead have scheduled their new full-length Under The Mask for release on May 27th via Demons Run Amok Entertainment. The group have been working on the effort for the part three years, taking time to bond styles and influences with new vocalist Cesar and drummer Hugh.

To date, the band have previewed four tracks from the album – “Letter To You”, “Cold Thing”, “M”, “Sword Fighting” – which can be heard below. Under The Mask is available for pre-order on CD and vinyl at this location.

Under The Mask track listing:

1. “Letter to You”
2. “Monumental Ange”
3. “Song of Storm”
4. “M”
5. “Cold Thing”
6. “Black Cat”
7. “The Light”
8. “Learn from the Best”
9. “Forget the Heroes”
10. “Loyal Angels”
11. “Clever Road”
12. “Sword Fighting”

Wake The Dead 1