Wage War premiere “Witness” music video, stream new record Deadweight

Florida metalcore outfit Wage War have a new music video out for their current single “Witness”, check it out below. A full stream of their sophomore album Deadweight is now available and can be heard following the video stream. The record dropped yesterday on Fearless Records. Physical copies are available here (US) and here (EU). Digital copies can be purchased here.

Deadweight track listing:

1. “Two Years”
2. “Southbound”
3. “Don’t Let Me Fade Away”
4. “Stitch”
5. “Witness”
6. “Deadweight”
7. “Gravity”
8. “Never Enough”
9. “Indestructible”
10. “Disdain”
11. “My Grave Is Mine To Dig”
12. “Johnny Cash”