VREID stream new single “Lifehunger”

Song: “Lifehunger”
Album: Lifehunger
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
Label: Season Of Mist

Speaking of the track and album, the group stated:

“Sometimes everything is so dark, that you only see life. This album is all about the primordial hunger that keeps us marching forward. It’s a celebration of the creative spirit, and a big fuck off to every obstacle on the way. The title-track “Lifehunger” is the first single, and it’s a heavy beast. There is much more to follow, the album is as varied as life itself can be. Enjoy the ride!”


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  • Lifehunger track listing:

    1. “Flowers & Blood”
    2. “One Hundred Years”
    3. “Lifehunger”
    4. “The Dead White”
    5. “Hello Darkness”
    6. “Black Rites in the Black Nights”
    7. “Sokrates Must Die”
    8. “Heimatt”