Visit the “Unholy Land” with Languish

Band: Languish
Song: “Unholy Land”
Album: Unworthy
Release Date: October 26th, 2018
Label: Prosthetic Records

Drummer Zack Hansen said of the song:

‘Unholy Land’ is really about the possibility of a utopia on earth being destroyed by the upper class before we even have a chance at establishing it. All the greed and destruction and evil done by these rich fucks who care about nothing but accumulating more wealth for themselves, they just want to hoard gold like Smaug the dragon. They’ve destroyed Eden, they’ve denied the majority of the planet a chance. We just want health and happiness for humanity and there are enough resources to spread around but the billionaire class won’t allow it to happen. They’d rather the earth burn and we all suffer, they just look down at our dead utopia and laugh.

In my mind this whole record is a giant ‘fuck you’ to the creators of our destruction, to industry, to capitalists, to bankers, to politicians. You fucked us all. I’d rather burn their palaces and mansions to the ground and dance on the ashes.

The song itself is unique because it just has this heavy intro that transitions into a really fun D-beat part followed by a killer death metal riff, and then they alternate back and forth while switching the number of times each part repeats, followed by another huge heavy riff. It’s a killer D-beat/death metal track that showcases the best of Unworthy. We refuse to follow traditional song structure and the song is confusing as fuck to play live and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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