Video stream: Tired Eyes – “Outta Sight”

Band: Tired Eyes
Song: “Outta Sight”
Album: In Denial, Force A Smile EP
Release Date: June 29th, 2018

Vocalist Joey Keating comments:

“This song is very much so the embodiment of the EP. It’s written from the mindset of In Denial, Force a Smile. The song was originally written about a relationship that ultimately collapsed because of the denial of crucial issues that were swept under the rug and ignored. Though the facts were hard to ignore and even harder to talk about, love was the perfect denial. The song resolves in the weight of conviction leading to wisdom in action, even though wisdom feels too far gone.”

Tired Eyes is:

Joey Keating – guitar/vocals
Jesse Kampkes – bass/vocals
Judah Kampkes – keys
Samuel Peacock – drums