Video stream: Thunderclap – “Capsized”

Band: Thunderclap
Song: “Capsized”
Shot by: Jeremy McGuire & Eliza Goldstein
Edited by: Matthew Zagorski
Album: Inebriocean
Release Date: March 29th, 2019
Label: Financial Ruin

Guitarist Ale Gasso offered:

‘Capsized’ brings us to the chaotic peak of Inebriocean. It suggests a loss of control, telling the story of someone wrecked at sea, surrounded by complete darkness, accepting that inevitable moment of sinking into the ocean forever. And as the title of the album as well as the other songs imply-the restless, hungry ocean serves as a metaphor for intoxication or an all-consuming life of despair. The song ends with a sort of peaceful acceptance of the inevitable, ‘At the end I close my eyes. And let the heaviness bring me down.’ The video was shot by Jeremy McGuire and team at the Hardback Café on a rainy night in Gainesville.”


[via No echo]