Video stream: The MON – “Hate One I Hate”

Band: The MON
Song: “Hate One I Hate”
Director: Lu (Malleus Rock Art Collective)
Album: Doppelleben
Release Date: November 8th, 2018
Label: Supernatural Cat Records

Urlo discloses of the song:

“This is the last track I wrote for this album. It closes the album, as well as a part of my life. This song is a door dividing past from the future; it’s a very slow image of what has been and how things can suddenly change. I think it’s the most introspective song I ever wrote. It came out in one day; I just had to hit ‘record’ and it was done. Once finished I felt relieved, like the heavy emotional stone I had on my shoulders was gone. The video, by Lu of Malleus, is very slow and dreamy and it reflects perfectly the music.”


  • Earsplit Distro
  • Supernatural Cat webstore
  • Bandcamp
  • Doppelleben track listing:

    1. “Hedy Lamarr”
    2. “Salvator Mundi”
    3. “Hate One I Hate”
    4. “Blut”
    5. “Relics”
    6. “Souloop”
    7. “Her”
    8. “Doppelleben”

    [via CVLT Nation]