Video stream: Surachai – “Empress Of The Starved Lung”

L.A. based electronic artist Surachai issued a video for “Empress Of The Starved Lung”, which features a guest spot by K. Joey Karam (The Locust, One Day As A Lion). Surachai commented:

Joey is a musical hero of mine, someone that made performing with Moog’s and keyboards actually cool to me. He’s meticulous in the way he writes and whatever material I threw at him, he would write every nuance and detail.”

The song is set to appear on his forthcoming record Come, Deathless, which arrives January 25th on BL_K Noise. You can pre-order it now via the outfit’s Bandcamp.

The record also features guest appearances by Aaron Harris (ISIS, Palms) on the track “An Unfamiliar Reflection Activates A Gate” (listen below) and singer Sara Kendall on closing song “Time Splits Every End”.

Come, Deathless track listing:

  1. “The Shedding Of Useful Skin”
  2. “Empress Of The Starved Lung” (feat. K. Joseph Karam)
  3. “Leaning Into Pain”
  4. “Casts Of Broken Timelines”
  5. “Deciphering Whispers From Wind”
  6. “An Unfamiliar Reflection Activates A Gate” (feat. Aaron Harris)
  7. “Articulation Of A Dead Tongue”
  8. “An Abandoned Throne In The Hall Of Extinction”
  9. “Splinters And Thvrst”
  10. “A Sign From Decay”
  11. “Cadence Of Sleeplessness”
  12. “Time Splits Every End” (feat. Sara Kendall)

[via Decibel]