Veridia – “Pretty Lies” video feat. Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire

Alt-rockers Veridia have a new music video out for their single “Pretty Lies” – which features a guest appearance by Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins. Vocalist Deena Jakoub says:

“I was inspired to write ‘Pretty Lies’ because I was basically overwhelmed with the fact that I compared myself to other people. The underlying message behind the video is that we waste too much time comparing ourselves to other people and images of people that aren’t real. I wanted Matty’s voice on it to represent the other side that we don’t normally think about, that guys go through this too.”

The song is the title track off the group’s new EP, which is available now here and on iTunes.

An additional video for the story behind the song and music video has been released and can be found below: