Vanna streaming new song “Mutter”

Post-hardcore outfit Vanna are streaming a new track titled “Mutter”, listen above. Frontman Danny Muise said of the song:

“Growing up there were always songs that became anthems to my friends and I. Songs that had a message and gave me meaning as soon as I taped them off the radio, songs that still make me wanna get up and break something. When writing this record, that was our goal, to write anthems. Mutter is that angry ‘shut up and smash’ track.

All day long whether it’s in our heads or people in our face, we are torn down, judged and sometimes we defeat ourselves before anyone can do it for us. This song is that middle finger to all those voices, that freedom we need. It’s our declaration, it’s our voice louder then any other. Hit play, turn it too high and destroy every problem in your path.”

The song is taken from the Boston outfit’s forthcoming record All Hell, which is scheduled to drop July 8th through Pure Noise Records. Muise says of the record:

All Hell is everything we’ve been through, all the problems, all the pain, all the lessons we’ve learned or were forced to face. But make no mistake. These songs aren’t confessions — they’re us being proud and owning the people we are now. This record is you on the other side of the hell you’ve gone through: better, stronger, and ready for more. No matter what you fought through, bled about and survived, we feel it, we’re with you and this records is our anthem. This is the sound when All Hell comes crashing down.”

Pre-orders for All Hell are available now at MerchNOW and on iTunes.

All Hell track listing:

1. “Paranoia Euphoria”
2. “Pretty Grim”
3. “Circle The Flame”
4. “Flower”
5. “Leather Feather”
6. “Wounded Young”
7. “Reaping A Whirlwhind”
8. “Candle Limbs”
9. “Mutter”
10. “Lead Balloon”

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