Vanishing Life debut new song “Thinking Is Weightless”


Vanishing Life have premiered a new song off their upcoming debut Surveillance, titled “Thinking Is Weightless”. Singer Walter Schreifels offers of the new track:

John Lennon said, ‘thinking is weightless’, or maybe I wrote it, I don’t remember, but I wrote his name down next to it in my notes. I like this phrase because it can be read in two very divergent ways, one, a zen ‘ be here now’ type mantra, or it could also be an urgent alarm like ‘soylent green is people!'”

The album is due November 25th on Dine Alone Records in the U.K. and is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Surveillance track listing:

1. “Realist”
2. “Outlier”
3. “17”
4. “Seven Pointed Star”
5. “Painted”
6. “Pretty Ruined”
7. “Exile”
8. “Image”
9. “Vanishing Life”
10. “Thinking Is Weightless”
11. “People Running”
12. “16”
13. “Big Other”