Vandroya debut “I’m Alive” lyric video

Progressive power metal quintet Vandroya are streaming the first single off their upcoming record Beyond The Human Mind titled “I’m Alive”. The album will be out on April 28th in North America and Europe, and April 26th in Japan through Inner Wound Recordings. Pre-orders links can be found after the jump.

Beyond The Human Mind track listing:

1. “Columns Of Illusion”
2. “The Path To The Endless Fall”
3. “Maya”
4. “Time After Time”
5. “Last Breath”
6. “I’m Alive”
7. “You’ll Know My Name”
8. “If I Forgive Myself”
9. “Beyond The Human Mind”

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This doesn’t have to with the band but, if you do not regularly visit YouTube, I highly recommend that you start using it as this is how I came across this pretty sweet song. I love that the site make suggestions. It’s a love/hate relationship with YouTube because it ends up adding to the load of music that I intend to share on the site. Just a little plug for YouTube – not that they need it – for anyone that only uses the service casually via this or any other music news site