Van Halst premiere title track off upcoming album World Of Make Believe

Hard rock outfit Van Halst are streaming the title track of their impending album World Of Make Believe. Frontwoman Kami Van Halst said of the song:

‘World of Make Believe’ speaks to our version of an ideal world. Instead of make believe being about fairy tales, it’s simply about equality. The song talks about wanting to live in a world where everyone is equal in all measures.”

World Of Make Believe is slated to hit stores on March 4th.

World Of Make Believe track listing:

1. “The End”
2. “Save Me”
3. “Ryan’s Song”
4. “World Of Make Believe”
5. “Questions”
6. “Denying Eyes”
7. “Monster”
8. “Plastic Smiles”
9. “Put Him Down”
10. “Perfect Storm”

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[via Brave Words]