TRNA premiere video for “Istok”

Band: TRNA
Song: “Istok”
Director: Gleb Kolotov
Album: Istok
Release Date: September 3rd, 2021 (digital); October 1st, 2021 (physical)
Label: Candlelight Records

Speaking on the inspiration for the video, the group states:

“It was written, directed, shot, and cut by our friend Gleb Kolotov in September 2020. It was the first time we did something like this. We hired actors, costumes, rented lenses and lights, and we think it all paid off in the end. The hard thing was to write the screenplay based on our vague descriptions about the track’s meaning and what the album is about. In the end what we have is a beautiful music video with a plot and we’re really thankful to all of Gleb and his crew for helping us so much.”