Trash Boat release video for new single “Shade”

British screamo outfit Trash Boat have released a music video for their new single “Shade”. The song is the first sample off their upcoming record Crown Shyness, which is due July 20th via Hopeless Records. The group worked with producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep) on the effort. Vocalist Tobi Duncan explains of the album:

“Throughout my life, I’ve always found music as something that challenges me. Sometimes you hear a song that hits you so hard, it feels like it was exactly what you needed to hear at that moment. The spark could change your day and challenge you. That’s what this album did: It challenged my anxiety, my family, my responsibilities, my past, my future. I spent a lot of time looking inward, and now the album is ready to reach out.”

Pre-orders are live now on MerchNOW and iTunes.

Crown Shyness track listing:

1. “Inside Out”
2. “Shade”
3. “Nothing New”
4. “Old Soul”
5. “Controlled Burn”
6. “Don’t Open Your Eyes”
7. “Crown Shyness”
8. “Silence”
9. “Undermine”
10. “Love, Hate, React, Relate”