Touché Amoré release “Skyscraper” music video

The official music video for Touché Amoré’s “Skyscraper”, featuring guest vocals by singer Julien Baker, premiered this week over at Noisey. Vocalist Jeremy Bolm said of the song:

“My mother always dreamed of New York City. Whenever I would travel there, she’d demand stories including hyper specific details of the buildings and a new tchotchke of a historic landmark. She had moved from Nebraska to California and was never able to travel east. When she was diagnosed with cancer, I knew I had to make the trip happen. In the spring of 2014, months before she passed, her dream came true. My brother, her and I hit every tourist location imaginable.

Aside from the cancer making her weak, she had severe scoliosis which prevented her from being on her feet too long, so we pushed her all over the city in a wheelchair. It got us to the front of every line as if she were royalty to now everyone, not just me. Her eyes lit up in time square, and her mouth never lost a smile on the subway train. ‘Skyscraper’ is a thank you letter to the city that brought her so much joy at a time when joy felt unattainable. Her ashes were buried in her small hometown in Nebraska I’ll likely never see again, but when I’m in New York City I feel her love.”

The song appears on the group’s impending record Stage Four, which deals with the passing of Bolm’s mother from cancer. Epitaph will have it in stores on September 16th, but you can pre-order it ahead of time here.