Through Lucid Eyes – Transient EP full stream

Photo by: Chelsea Felker

Canadian progressive metalcore outfit Through Lucid Eyes release their new EP Transient this past Friday through Famine Records. The EP is available for streaming in its entirety below courtesy of New Noise Magazine. Guitarist Ryan O’Grady comments:

“Our goal with Transient was to create something that was both technically impressive and emotionally appealing to our listeners. In addition to having created our most complex and intricate songs to date, we also developed a very personal storyline around seeking beauty in non-permanence. Struggles with depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and acceptance are explored in ways that will hopefully give strength to anyone stuck in a negative frame of mind.”

Guitarist Zach Avery said of the effort:

Transient reaches levels of progressiveness, musicality, and harmony that most would not have seen coming with our previous EP in mind. It’s truly a stepping stone for us as a band, as we’re working towards creating our own unique sound. After listening to Transient, we hope that you’ll be compelled to follow us along our journey and grow with us.”

Transient is available for purchase via, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Transient EP track listing:

1. “Fleeting Moments”
2. “Transient”
3. “Lotus”
4. “Introspection”
5. “Set In Stone”