The Vaughns streaming new track “Shout”

Band: The Vaughns
Song: “Shout”
Album: FOMO
Release Date: May 10th, 2019

Vocalist Anna Lies said of the new track:

‘Shout’ is this last-ditch effort of declaring love, and attempt to keep someone’s attention before moving on. Glued together by a pronounced chorus and bright guitars (I think it showcases some of Dave’s tastiest guitar work yet), we’re all really happy with how it turned out.”

Below, you can also listen to their previous single, “50%”. Lies said of that track:

‘50%’ was inspired by a college class discussion. It looks at how millennials approach marriage in the face of the America’s 50% divorce rate, and how the rate does not stop us from pursuing relationships or yearning for love.”

FOMO track listing:

  1. “Learning to Surf”
  2. “Kowabunga”
  3. “50%”
  4. “Shout”
  5. “Coffee Sundae”
  6. “TV”
  7. “Bring Your Kids To Work Day”
  8. “Santa Cruz”
  9. “Bby Save Me”
  10. “Stiff”
  11. “July 4th