The Order Of Apollyon premiere new song “Rites Of The Immolator”

Band: The Order Of Apollyon
Song: “Rites Of The Immolator”
Album: Moriah
Release Date: October 26th, 2018
Label: Agonia Records

Co-founder, guitarist, vocalist and producer BST commented:

“This third full-length release is without a doubt the most coherent and mature work we’ve ever put out. The fact that we have had for the first time in the band’s history a stable line-up of devoted individuals with similar goals made this possible, and filled the production process with powerful creative energy.”


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  • Moriah track listing:

    1. “The Lies Of Moriah”
    2. “Rites Of The Immolator”
    3. “Grey Father”
    4. “The Cradle”
    5. “The Original Cries Of Jerusalem”
    6. “Trident Of Flesh”
    7. “Soldat”
    8. “A Monument”