The New Age stream new single “To Be Alive”

Band: The New Age
Song: “To Be Alive”
Album: Placebo
Release Date: February 23rd, 2018

Vocalist Justin Cotton commented:

“This whole album centers around the pain caused by addiction and interfamilial struggles, contrasted by hope and an outlook for a better life found through love, tribulation, and your friends and family themselves. This song follows that pattern, being that it shows a yearning for a better life without said burdens.”


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  • Placebo track listing:

    1. “Wicked Friends”
    2. “Temper”
    3. “Straight Faced”
    4. “Hunger”
    5. “Back And Forth”
    6. “Upstairs”
    7. “Do We Dare”
    8. “Wasting My Days”
    9. “Save Me”
    10. “To Be Alive”
    11. “Placebo”
    12. “Holes In The Walls”

    [via Pure Grain Audio]