The Funeral Portrait streaming new album A Moment Of Silence

A full-album stream of The Funeral Portrait‘s studio debut, A Moment Of Silence, has arrived online and can be heard below. Guitarist/vocalist Juergie Landstrom comments on the record’s theme:

“In this universe there is eternity after death, but there is no god and there is no heaven. This man has been told his entire life that when he died, he would be greeted by God at the gates of heaven. Now he must drift and observe, waiting for the truth to reveal itself.”

A Moment Of Silence hit stores this past Friday on Revival Recordings and is available for purchase through MerchNOW and iTunes.

A Moment Of Silence track listing:

1. “A Moment Of Silence”
2. “The Water Obeyed The Gravity”
3. “Fate Connector”
4. “Shaking Hands”
5. “The Fear Of God”
6. “Like Father Like Son”
7. “Cerulean”
8. “Double Helix”
9. “Save Yourself”
10. “Appeal To Reason”
11. “To Whom It May Concern”
12. “Spark”
13. “Guillotine”

[via Lambgoat]