Texas Hippie Coalition premiere new song “Rise”

Texas Hippie Coalition have released the first taste of their new album Dark Side Of Black by way of its eighth track “Rise”. Frontman Big Dad Ritch said of the track:

“…for “Rise”, I wanted the song to feel like it was a call to arms – a call to defend all that you, as the listener, hold dear. It was meant to be a broad shot hitting on all causes present and past. No matter your cause, this song should make you want to see your flag fly. Whether it’s the hated Patriots fighting for the 13 colonies against the British Empire, or the brave Americans and Texans fighting at the Alamo, they all deserve to be honored. They were all Americans, they were all our brothers, fathers, and sons. Now let our flag Rise!”

Dark Side Of Black is scheduled to drop on April 22nd through Carved Records. Pre-orders are now live and can be picked up on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Dark Side Of Black revised track listing:

1. “Come Get It”
2. “Angel Fall”
3. “Shakin’ Baby”
4. “Knee Deep”
5. “Villain”
6. “Into The Wall”
7. “Dark Side”
8. “Rise”
9. “Hit It Again”
10. “Gods Are Angry”

Texas Hippie Coalition 2

[via Loudwire]