Terror Universal release “Through The Mirrors” music video

Band: Terror Universal
Song: “Through The Mirrors”
Album: Make Them Bleed
Release Date: January 19th, 2018
Label: minus HEAD Records

Drummer Massacre comments:

“I am very pumped to be releasing the ‘Through The Mirrors’ video, as this track is one of my favorite songs on our new album, Make Them Bleed. This song showcases many of Terror Universal’s diverse sounds, as it’s brutally heavy and also has a very anthemic and memorable chorus.”

Vocalist and video director Plague adds:

“As a director, I was given the freedom to give my visual interpretation of what the song meant to me personally. The inner self that tortures the outer self into being something different no matter the cost. Now mix a twist of insanity into the recipe and you get the ‘Through The Mirrors‘ official Terror Universal music video.”


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