Terrifier join Test Your Metal Records; new album due in January


Official press release:

Test Your Metal Records is proud to announce its next signing of Vancouver, BC thrashers Terrifier for the release of their next album Weapons of Thrash Destruction set to be released in January 2017. The release will be the follow up to their previously unleashed 2013’s Metal or Death (EP) and 2012’s Destroyers of the Faith. The thrashers have already set their scene ablaze sharing the stage with such as bands as Havok, Destruction, Exmortus, Anvil, 3 inches of blood, Holy Grail, Dismembered, Suffocation, Into Eternity, Striker, Ghost Ship Octaivius, Crowbar, Cauldron, Cryptopsy and Battlecross.

TYM founder Grant Truesdell comments:

“Get ready for some of the best thrash metal and virtuoso shredding I’ve heard in a long time! Terrifier are paving the way for the ‘New Wave of Thrash Destruction’. Be prepared for some in your face, balls to the wall thrash metal!!”

To hear a sneak peak of what’s to come off Weapons of Thrash Destruction please listen to the following teaser:

Weapons Of Thrash Destruction track listing:

1. “Reanimator”
2. “Deceiver”
3. “Nuclear Demolisher”
4. “Violent Reprisal”
5. “Skitzoid Embolism”
6. “Drunk as Fuck”
7. “Bestial Tyranny”
8. “Riders of Doom”
9. “Sect of the Serpent”