Swallow The Sun streaming new single “Upon The Water”

Swallow The Sun have premiered the first single off their upcoming record When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light, listen to “Upon The Water” below. The full-length is scheduled to hit stores via Century Media Records on January 25th. Pre-orders are available now at this location. Guitarist Juha Raivio said of the effort:

“Every word and note I wrote, I wrote for Aleah. And about my own battle since she passed. The album title, When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light, comes from Aleah’s own words, ‘When a shadow is forced into the light.’ That was exactly what I needed to do. To push myself out from the shadows. I’ve been pretty much a hermit in the woods for two and a half years. Gathering my life to write this album. That’s also why the subject is very personal and therefore hard for me to talk about. I’d rather leave it all to the music and words on When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light to tell the story. It’s all there.”

The group previously released a 12″ EP titled “Lumina Aurea”, listen here.

When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light track listing:

  1. “When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light”
  2. “The Crimson Crown”
  3. “Firelights”
  4. “Upon The Water”
  5. “Stone Wings”
  6. “Clouds On Your Side”
  7. “Here On The Black Earth”
  8. “Never Left”