Street Sects debut new track “Featherweight Hate”

Industrial/punk outfit Street Sects are streaming “Featherweight Hate”, the second single off their upcoming, debut album End Position. The band commented:

“Thematically, ‘Featherweight Hate’ picks up where the the preceding song on the album (‘In Defense of Resentment’) leaves off. The last line of that song is ‘I don’t believe in redemption’, and that is the basis for the character’s perspective in ‘Featherweight Hate’. I believe that people can change, can better themselves, but good deeds don’t negate bad deeds, and a person’s character cannot be ‘redeemed’. The concept of redemption is a sort of spiritual propaganda, just as the concept of rehabilitation is a political fiction used to prop up a corrupt and ineffective criminal justice system. Our place in the world is not determined by an imaginary scale that weighs our mistakes against our virtues. In life we either sink or we swim, and more often than not it’s beyond our control. The character in ‘Featherweight Hate’ decides to take back that control by removing the variables. By keeping his gun loaded and his eyes open. Sometimes the best way to keep swimming is to cut the dead weight.”

End Position is slated to drop on September 16th through Flenser. You can pre-order it today by following this link.

[via THUMP]