Story Of The Year debut full-album stream of Wolves

Band: Story Of The Year
Album: Wolves
Release Date: December 8th, 2017

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  • Wolves track listing:

    1. “Wolves”
    2. “How Can We Go On”
    3. “Bang Bang”
    4. “Youth”
    5. “I Swear I’m Okay”
    6. “Miracle”
    7. “Can Anybody Hear Me?”
    8. “A Part of Me”
    9. “Give Up My Heart”
    10. “The Eternal Battle For Mike Cronin’s Soul (To Be Alive Again)”
    11. “My Home”
    12. “Goodnight, My Love”
    13. “Like Ghosts”
    14. “Praying for Rain”

    [via Fuse]