Stone Deaf release “Spitshine” music video

Band: Stone Deaf
Song: “Spitshine”
Directed by: Cody Isaman & Dustin Chapin
Album: Royal Burnout
Release Date: May 4th, 2018
Label: Black Bow Records

The group said of the clip:

‘Spitshine’, the intro song to Royal Burnout, leads you into a musical freak show. Like a rusted hardtop filled of strung out carnies and miscreants changing gears down a long desert road, and a roller-coaster that guides you through the soundtrack of a fucked-up circus. Showcasing fast paced rhythms and black and white melodies, it’s the first song of a tall, downwards spiraling slope, and that’s only the beginning of the show. Welcome to Royal Burnout.”


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