State Of Mine cover Katy Perry’s “Rise”

State Of Mine 1

Michigan metal outfit State Of Mine have released a lyric video for their cover of Katy Perry’s “Rise”, which the band did as a tribute to police. The clip was produced by Kyle Hopkins. Vocalist Steve said of the song:

“TO us the song is about the struggles of life and overcoming those struggles and obstacles and rising to whatever challenge you face. When life is at its toughest that’s when you truly shine.”

The song is the group’s debut single off their upcoming sophomore EP, Devil In Disguise, which was produced by BJ Perry at Wall Of Sound Studio. The EP will be available for pre-order beginning on Monday, August 15th.

Devil In Disguise track listing:

1. “Curtain Call”
2. “Rise”
3. “Waste My Time”
4. “Stones”
5. “Killing Me”
6. “Undertow”
7. “Broke By Monday”

State Of Mine 3