Spook The Horses debut “Made Shapeless” video

Band: Spook The Horses
Song: “Made Shapeless”
Directed by: Max Telfer
Album: People Used To Live Here
Release Date: November 10th, 2017
Label: Pelagic Records

The band had the following to say of the clip:

“The video is centred around an abstract odyssey that presents itself in three stages, progressing and regressing through ambiguously symbolic landscapes and scenarios. This cryptic and dreamlike 360° video examines the familiar and unfamiliar ideas and memories that lurk and merge within the subconscious.

The medium of VR was a very deliberate choice, simultaneously allowing the viewer the autonomy to frame the scene as they wish, yet also presenting zero ability to influence or adjust what is there. As the viewer, you must make the choice of deliberately turning toward or away from what is hurtling toward you.”


  • Pelagic Records (EU)
  • IndieMerch (NA)
  • Nerve Gas (AU)
  • iTunes
  • [via Svbterranean]