Spirit Adrift premiere new single “Form And Force”

One-man doom unit Spirit Adrift has debuted a new single titled “Form And Force”, listen here courtesy of Terrorizer. Mastermind Nate Garrette describes the song’s meaning offering:

‘Form And Force’ is about, quite simply, things not being what they seem. All the songs on Chained To Oblivion deal with some heavy, personal subject matter. I tried to make the lyrics as open to interpretation as possible, so that anyone who hears or reads them can experience some of their own catharsis. HP Lovecraft definitely helped with that on this song.

The guitar solos on Chained To Oblivion are almost all doubled or harmonized. I felt like this one was so special that I let it stand alone, other than one brief segment toward the end. It’s hard to pick a favorite guitar solo on the album, but this might be it. Another interesting thing is the ending. It’s by far the most abrupt, concise ending of any Spirit Adrift song. Whether or not that was intentional, who knows. I hope this small taste of what’s in store on Chained To Oblivion connects with people, and gets them excited to experience the big picture.”

“Form And Force” is taken from the outfit’s forthcoming record Chained To Oblivion. The record is set to drop August 12th via Prosthetic Records. A number of pre-order options for the effort are available and listed below:

Prosthetic webstore (U.S.)
Basick Supplies (EU)
War Crime Recordings