Song stream: Evoken – “Valorous Consternation”

Band: Evoken
Song: “Valorous Consternation”
Album: Hypnagogia
Release Date: November 9th, 2018
Label: Profound Lore Records

Drummer/lyricist Vince Verkay offered of the song:

‘Valorous Consternation’ is the first and only song off the new album played live. The song actually went through a few changes before given the stamp of approval. Originally, it ended with more of an uptempo. As usual, after playing through the song a few times, we felt it was missing something. We wanted something that expressed real anger and power. I think we have accomplished that. We played four festivals this past Winter, so we included ‘Valorous Consternation’ in the set. The feedback from the audience was really encouraging. The title came from [vocalist/guitarist] John [Paradiso], which is rare, but I think he picked a great title to describe the overall atmosphere of the song.”