Song stream: Abraham – “Wind”

Band: Abraham
Song: “Wind”
Album: Look, Here Comes The Dark!
Release Date: May 11th, 2018
Label: Pelagic Records

The band said of the track:

‘Wind’ is the first track off the fourth part of our upcoming album. This is the final era, the Oryktocene, the reign of stones. You who have come so far, you have witnessed the downfall of humankind, the reign of ferocious plants, and the psychedelic era of the god mycelium. Now, Earth has been cleansed from all life. Whether animal, insect, plant, or mushroom, nothing remains, but a handful of stone-eating, human-like survivors to witness this. The last cell, the last bit of bacteria, the slightest mitochondrion, every little brick of living has crystallized. Expect bare landscapes, a planet of sand and dust, an empty rock floating through space. And the according sound…”


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