Society 1 release music video for cover of The Doors’ “Wild Child”; launch Indiegogo campaign to fund The Doors tribute album

Society 1 have a new music video out for their cover of The Doors’ “Wild Child”, which was helmed by the band’s frontman Matt Zane through his Lord Zane Productions. The song was produced and mixed by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound and mastered by Mike Wells at Mike Wells Mastering.

The song is set to appear on a tribute album to the 60’s band titled Not To Touch The Earth. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to fund the effort, of which Zane says:

“This album isn’t going to be some half-hearted attempt to cash in by recording a bunch of uninspired covers. We want to bring The Doors music to a place that its never been. By focusing on the groove within the songs and bringing out the innate heaviness of each track our goal is to completely re-envision what The Doors may have sounded like if they created their music in 2016.”

A campaign video for the album can be found below:

Society 1 3