Sloth Herder to release debut album, No Pity, No Sunrise

Official press release:

Maryland-based Grimoire Records proudly confirms the March release of Sloth Herder‘s merciless proper debut full-length recording, No Pity, No Sunrise. Alongside the album’s details, an early premiere of the record’s “Doli Incapax” has been premiered through Heavy Blog Is Heavy.

The follow-up to the obscure, but critically acclaimed 2012 EP, Abandon Pop Sensibility, Sloth Herder’s No Pity, No Sunrise presents a monstrous, fourteen-track attack in just over thirty-five minutes delivered by vocalist Josh Lyon, bassist Luke Ibach, drummer Sean Wilhide, and guitarist Nick Craggs, and additional sounds by Ryan Neal. An unhinged surge of extreme metal that will appeal to a wide range of acts, from Antigama to Pyrrhon, Yautja to Gaza. No Pity, No Sunrise was recorded by Noel Mueller in the Fall of 2016, who also mixed and mastered the album.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy enthusiastically premieres the second track to the album for public consumption, “Doli Incapax”, offering alongside the stream:

“The record, to put it simply, lives up to its name. Sloth Herder never falls back on pop hooks or choruses, but instead chooses to conjure massive, misanthropic atmospheres in all of their songs. In doing so they may blast through crusty, grinding sections during one moment, then launch into sludgy, haunting post metal sections in the next.”

Unload Sloth Herder’s “Doli Incapax” only at Heavy Blog Is Heavy RIGHT HERE.

No Pity, No Sunrise will be released on March 24th on CD, pro-cassette, and digital download on Grimoire Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Offers Grimoire Records’ Noel Mueller, who also handles the recording of the label’s releases:

“We’ve been talking to Sloth Herder and trying to record/release an album with them ever since we started Grimoire Records back in 2013. So yeah, we couldn’t be more stoked that four years later, the band finally decided to step into the Grimoire Studio and recorded their long anticipated full length with us. The payoff is that much sweeter given how long we’ve been waiting for this to happen.”

No Pity, No Sunrise track listing:

1. “Antipathic Grades”
2. “Doli Incapax”
3. “Agnosiak”
4. “Anhedonic Pt. 1”
5. “Prijedor”
6. “Inner Dissolution”
7. “Ferric Air”
8. “No Adherence”
9. “Whoresblood”
10. “Burial Ethic”
11. “Anhedonic Pt. 2”
12. “Spectre Of The Absurd”
13. “A People’s Dream”
14. “Privation”