Slipknot premiere “The Devil In I” music video, intentionally reveal new masks, unintentionally reveal new bassist

Slipknot premiered the music video for “The Devil In I” yesterday which showcased the band’s new masks and quite possibly revealed the identity of their new bassist. The new drummer’s identity is still in question. You can check out the video below and if you’re interested, continue to all the stuff about the bassist’s identity.

Back to the bassist, how was his identity uncovered? Well, here’s how that story developed: The PRP posted the music video and then followed it up with this post which took a closer look at the new bassist and drummer, including a screenshot of each. Then someone contacted MetalSucks suggesting they look into Alessandro Venturella (pictured left), who has worked as a guitar tech for Architects, and was a member of Krokodil and SikTh. The tipster came to the conclusion that it must be Venturella based on the screencap from the video which showed a distinct hand tattoo that Venturella himself shares. You can see a comparison of his hand from another picture to the cropped screenshot below.

Could it just be an incredible coincidence that Slipknot’s new bassist and Mr. Venturella have the same hand and knuckle tattoos? Sure, but what are the chances of that happening? So, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s safe to say that the new Slipknot bassist is one Alessandro Venturella. As for the drummer, speculation continues to circulate that it’s Jay Weinberg. With the release of the video some are more convinced than ever based on the drummer’s hair and mannerisms behind the kit. I don’t know much about Weinberg so I can’t comment on that, but Venturella’s presence is almost undeniable.