Slipknot plan to take over the world

Corey Taylor recently spoke with 94.3 KILO where he discussed his work ethic, the rise of the band, Knotfest, upcoming tour plans, and of course, the new record.

When asked whether Knotfest may evolve into a touring experience as opposed to a destination show Taylor said:

“I’m not really sure, to be honest, you know? I mean, one of the things I like about what we’re doing right now is that it’s destination. People have to come to you and when them do they do the come in droves… The cool thing about what we’re doing right now is that we are keeping it small but it’s huge and one of the things that we wanted to do was almost recreate the European festival kind of vibe in America… The thing I’ve learned to do is never say never because you know the best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans out loud. But uh, you know for me, if I had my way we would probably keep it small or keep it to the size we have and maybe do a handful of ’em around the country and space them out.”

The second part of the interview began with a question about the band’s upcoming touring plans for 2015 to which Taylor responded:

“This is just the beginning. I mean when we go out and when we really, really go for it two years disappear like that *snaps fingers*… Yeah, I mean, this is literally the beginning of it all, and uh, you know, um, that’s what we’re going right now. We have huge, HUGE plans for next year, and uh, we’re definitely going to tour the world, we’re going to tour the States at least, you know, THREE times on this tour. At least three times, you know, we’re going to really try and hit all of the cities that we’ve played before, all the cities we’ve never played before. And uh, really try and just cover the planet.”

The interview continued, touching on their upcoming release .5: The Gray Chapter:

“I just love what we’ve been able to do. It’s dark, it’s moody, it’s artistic, it’s heavy as hell. There’s some brutal screams on it, but there’s also huge melodies on it. I can’t tell you how stoked I am that we were able to pull this off. It’s a fantastic piece of work. I’m really proud of it.”

From there the interview continued on to discuss the album a little more before moving on to how the appearance of the band will be changing this time around. Taylor stated that we will get our first look at the new masks when the video for “The Devil In I” premieres, going on to say:

“Some of them have changed in subtle ways. Others, like myself, my mask changes drastically from album to album because, for me, the mask is a representation of what’s going on for me spiritually, emotionally, artistically, just everything in my life. Just changing, everything evolves, this is about an evolution of what’s coming next. So yea, people are going to get a lot when they see this video – it’s going to blow their minds.”

This interview pretty much covered all the bases except for the one that’s still on everyone’s minds: Who’s the new drummer? The wait continues.