Skullsmasher sign with Selfmadegod Records; detail debut effort Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery & stream new track “High Altitude Saturation Bombing”

California grindcore outfit Skullsmasher have signed with Selfmadegod Records and will be releasing their debut record Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery on March 29th via the label. The first single off the effort, “High Altitude Saturation Bombing”, is now streaming and can be heard exclusively via Decibel. The group issued the following statement:

“Grindcore is war. 21st Century warfare takes place in the digital realm where civilians are unceasingly saturated by propaganda. Our noise expression attempts to recreate the dissonance and chaos fought in the battlefield of minds.”

Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery was mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Weekend Nachos, Nails, Magrudergrind, Wake, Tragedy), and features a cover of Repulsion’s “Festering Boils”. The effort is available for pre-order now via the label’s webstore and the group’s Bandcamp.

Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery track listing:

  1. “Negative Pressure Pulverization”
  2. “Mandatory Nuclear Suicide”
  3. “Parasitic Apathy”
  4. “Nasogastric Gavage”
  5. “Aggressive Vehicular Intimidation”
  6. “Involuntary Dependence”
  7. “High Altitude Saturation Bombing”
  8. “Neural Infestation”
  9. “Shokujinki”
  10. “Bonehammer”
  11. “Black Sky”
  12. “Festering Boils” (Repulsion cover)
  13. “Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery”
  14. “Ceaseless Need For Violence”
  15. “Mobile Armor”
  16. “Strange Loops”